Welcome to the North Sydney Genealogy Research Center located at 309 Commercial Street, North Sydney, NS in the North Sydney Museum.

Our goal is to be open for the summer of 2019 with a massive genealogy database of local records, genealogical and source documents. We will have a knowledgeable person on hand to assist you in your research.

We are asking you the public for donations of your completed or partial family trees, documents and related materials. You can send your digital donations via our file uploader.

We would love any format of data but a gedcom would save a ton of typing. This is a very common file format to share genealogy between programs. Most programs will allow to to make a gedcom to share your file with us.

We know that finding information on local families in a major thing we need to invest in. We would love to

have enough family information available for our visitors and guests to be considered a source for those researching their roots.

We not only want North Sydney records but any area covered but what we know as the Northside. There were many families that relocated from Newfoundland to North Sydney for work. This may be another avenue that we may explore in the future.

Thank you for helping us help fellow family historians.